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Project Financial Information

Fiscal Inquiries

For fiscal information by project number or appropriation account, please click the link below.

Fiscal Reports

Payment Information


Vendors can opt for direct deposit to their bank accounts to receive their payment in a more timely fashion. In addition to being faster than a hardcopy check, direct deposit is the safer payment option.

To sign up for direct deposit, call the Comptroller’s Office at 217-557-0930 or visit the IOC website.


The Capital Development Board (CDB) is working with the Comptroller's Office to ensure that all CDB payments are processed as quickly as possible. 

There are several options for checking the status of a payment.

  1. The Fiscal Inquiries link above. The expenditure date indicates the day that CDB processed the payment and submitted to the Comptroller
  2. Vendors may also track the status of their payment directly through the Comptroller's Office Website. Select "Vendors/Vendor Payments" and follow instructions for entering the Vendor TIN and other information to access the system.   
  3. For questions regarding pending payments from CDB, please email the CDB Fiscal Office.

    To assist the Office in expediting your inquiry, please include: 

    • CDB project number
    • Contract number
    • Company name
    • Payment amount

    Each inquiry is processed in the order in which it was received, and a response will be provided by email.

    The Fiscal Office may also be contacted by phone at 217-524-6848. Please be prepared to provide the same information requested above.