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Bid Information

Bid Information Updates

An electronic publication outlining the current construction projects for which CDB will be accepting bids for contractor and architect/engineering services. New project information is posted regularly. Sign up to receive email notifications when bidding and award information becomes available on the website.

Bid Opening WebEx Information

Regularly scheduled bid openings - every other Friday at 10am 

Special Bidding Instructions – Effective January 1, 2023

Bids and bid modifications for this project will only be accepted via the CDB’s e-Builder Bidding Program or via an alternative file transfer system. No faxed bid modifications will be allowed. No In-Person submittals of bids will be allowed. Bids and bid modifications will not be allowed via mail.

General Bid Information


Project Bid Opening Results

Project Bid Opening Results

The unofficial results of project bid openings conducted by CDB for construction projects being coordinated internally are posted as quickly as possible after bids are opened and are available for one month. Official procurement results are posted regularly in the Award section.

Contract Awards