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Excellence in Design

Excellence in Design Overview

The Capital Development Board’s new Excellence in Design Program was inspired by the U.S. General Services Administration’s Design Excellence Program. The program was developed to establish a more rigorous procedure aimed at selecting the most appropriate and qualified designers for high profile public works projects. While the basis of this new program revolves around CDB’s well established Qualifications Based Selection process it takes the selection process to the next level by engaging public members to participate on the selection committee when appropriate. This program goes beyond the normal QBS process by engaging shortlisted firms to participate in a conceptual design competition allowing stakeholders the ability to better visualize the project’s direction at a very early stage. To maximize the benefit of the competition CDB will work with a jury of architectural educations from around the State to review, critique and provide additional insight to members of the selection committee.

Program Outline

Typical Architectural Selection Committee for Design Excellence (9-10 members):
·         QBS Chair
·         1 Representative from CDB Construction Unit
·         1 Representative from CDB Professional Services Unit
·         1 Representative from CDB Fair Employment Practices Unit
·         1 Other Representative from CDB*
·         2 Representatives from User Agency*
·         1 Representative from MBE/WBE Associations*
·         1 Representative from Design/Construction Associations*
·         1 Representative from Local Community (Optional)*

*These committee positions may be modified to suit the needs of a particular project. They may include additional representatives from the user agency or other project stakeholders in lieu of the proposed public members or they may remain unfilled to adjust the overall size of the committee. as appropriate for a specific project.

Three Stage Selection Process [120-162 days (4-6 mo.)]:

Combined Stage I/II [60-72 days]
o   Publish a Notice of Intent in advance of the publication of the Professional Services Bulletin advertisement dedicated to the project
    o   Direct Outreach (Project Dependent)
    o   Team Networking Session (Public Outreach Event)
    o   Receipt of Stage I Submissions
    o   Stage I Evaluation and Shortlisting
    o   Project Selection Shortlist Announcement
          §  Stage II Interview Invitation Letter to Shortlisted Firms (5-6 firms)
    o   Stage II Interviews, Evaluation and Shortlisting
          §  Stage III Conceptual Competition Invitation Letter to Shortlisted Firms (3-4 firms)
              ·         Stage III (Prequal Required for this Stage) [60-90 days]
    o   Pre-Design Competition Briefing and Information Packets
    o   Conceptual Competition Evaluation
          §  Committee
          §  Jury
               ·         Comprised of 3 Architectural Educators
    o   A/E Selection Committee Report Incorporating Conceptual Competition Ranking
    o   Submission of Final A/E Selection Committee Report and Ranking to CDB Executive Director
    o   Executive Director's Submission of Final A/E Selection Committee Report and Ranking to Capital Development Board
    o   Capital Development Board's Approval/Rejection of the Recommendation