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Who is eligible to apply?

All artists living and working in Illinois are eligible to apply for commission opportunities. Artists serving on Fine Art Review Committees (FARC) are ineligible to have their artwork considered for commissions while they are serving on the FARC. Artists currently enrolled in degree granting programs are not eligible to apply nor are staff, faculty, or employees of the using agency.

What if I’ve already submitted my portfolio for a project?

You do not need to send your materials again if you applied to the Illinois Art-in-Architecture Program after November 1, 2012.

To apply for a project submit a Letter of Intent that includes:

  • the project name and project number
  • your name and the name of your team members if applying as a team
  • your most current contact information including address, telephone number, and e-mail address

How is work selected?

Artists are selected and commissions are awarded based upon the recommendations of a committee made up of community members, art professionals, the project architect, and representatives of the using agency where the artwork will be located.

How is the program funded?

The Art-in-Architecture enabling legislation directs that “the Capital Development Board shall set aside 1/2 of 1 percent of the amount authorized and appropriated for construction or reconstruction of each public building financed in whole or in part by State funds.”

The 1/2 of 1 percent is applied only to the state portion of the Capital Development Board construction appropriation. Project funds that are not considered when determining the AIA budget for the project include:

  • federal funds
  • user agency contributions
  • grants
  • appropriations for land acquired prior to planning or not directly related to a qualified project
  • appropriations for moveable equipment

However, the using agency may acquire additional funds or request that a portion of its contribution be added to the AIA budget.

How are commissions announced?

AIA commissions are announced on the Commission Opportunities section of the website.

What is public art?

The Art-in-Architecture enabling legislation specifically defines artwork as:

  • paintings
  • prints
  • sculptures
  • graphics
  • mural decorations
  • stained glass
  • statues
  • bas reliefs
  • ornaments
  • fountains
  • ornamental gateways
  • or other creative works that reflect form, beauty, and aesthetic perceptions.

How do I format my digital images for submission to an RFQ?

You may submit up to 15 JPEG images of relevant past work. If provided on a CD, please label it clearly with artist or team name and date as well as the project name and number. Please provide the images in the following format:

  • one image per JPEG
  • pixel dimensions per image: approximately 600 x 800
  • image resolution: 72-300 pixels per inch
  • maximum file size per image: 1 MB
  • name each image: lastnamefirstnameimagenumber.jpg, for example: mirojoan01, mirojoan02, mirojoan03, etc.
  • a corresponding, numbered, annotated image list with title, media, dimensions, location, brief description, date of the work, project budget, and project partners, if applicable