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Early Childhood Grant Program

Please note that the Excel sheet containing the school tiers on the Location and Funding Form (Form 3 of 8) within the Early Childhood Construction Grant application contains errors. When applying, please utilize the Excel sheet entitled “UPDATED School Tier Finder” located on this webpage or in the “Question Submission Information” section of the Amplifund application.

Notice of Funding Opportunity: ECCG NOFO

Catalog of State Financial Assistance: CSFA | GATA |

Application Open Date: 07-12-2022          

Application Close Date: 10-10-2022          

Application: Early Childhood Construction Grant Application

Application Guide: Early Childhood Construction Grant Application Guide

School Tiers: School Tier List

Grantee Certifications: Certifications and Assurances

Admin Rules: Early Childhood Construction Grant Rules

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ document

In consultation with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the Capital Development Board (CDB) is making $100 million available statewide for grants to Public School Districts and non-profit operators of early childhood centers. Funding is being released in two rounds; $60 million will be awarded in late fall of 2022, and the remaining $40 million at a date to be decided. Grant recipients are required to provide matching funds of between 3% and 10% based on ISBE Tier level for the local elementary school district.

Funds are available to construct, renovate or otherwise improve facilities, for example by:

  • Constructing an addition to an existing building
  • New construction of a facility or renovations to an existing facility to create a new early childhood center
  • Acquisition of a facility
  • Purchase or replacement of equipment that meets bondability guidelines
  • Safety improvements
  • Classroom conversions

Previous projects have included:

  • Demolition of an existing structure and construction of a new 28,500 square foot building, consisting of classroom and office spaces
  • Renovation and repair of an existing 2,115 square foot early childhood facility
  • Purchase and renovation of an existing building to convert into an early childhood facility