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Subcontractor/Supplier/Subconsultant Services

Resources and Information

To participate on any CDB project as a subcontractor, supplier or in any capacity you must have a CDB REGISTRATION #.

If you are currently or have ever been prequalified with CDB your firm has been assigned a registration number, therefore you do not need to register with CDB

If you are a subcontractor, material supplier, or a consultant (who is not required to be prequalified), then you must register.

Note: Prequalified firms who will perform at times as a subcontractor do not need to register.

To inquire about an existing registration # send an email to:

To apply for a new # use the attached link which will take you to Vendor Registration.

EFFECTIVE September 2, 2016

Information for subcontractors/suppliers/subconsultants Required to provide financial disclosures and standard certifications

CPO-CDB Incidental Description