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Single Prime

Since 2004, Capital Development Board has used the single prime construction delivery method through a series of pilot programs. "Single Prime" is the design-bid-build delivery method for a construction project in which the Capital Development Board is the construction agency procuring two or more subdivisions of work (plumbing, heating, HVAC, electric, general) under a single contract. Any of the respective subdivisions of work on a project can bid as the prime contractor and hire the others as subcontractors. The lowest responsive and responsible bidder is selected as the contractor for each single prime construction project, and serves as CDB’s main point of contact throughout the duration of the construction. In August 2015, Public Act 99-0257/HB3497 was signed into law, which granted CDB continued and expanded authority to use the Single Prime construction delivery method for procuring building construction projects. The law included some limitations on its use and added oversight provisions.

The plumbing, heating, HVAC, electric and general subdivisions of work are considered protected subcontractors and are required to be prequalified with CDB. Prime bidders must provide required information for any trade that is listed on a bid form as a protected subcontractor; failure to provide this information will result in a bid rejection.

CDB may use single prime for any project with a total construction cost valued greater than $5 million at the discretion of the CDB Executive Director. For projects with a total construction cost valued at $5 million or less, no more than 50% of the total number of projects bid for each fiscal year may bid single prime.

CDB submits an annual report to the General Assembly and Governor on the bidding, award, and performance of all single prime projects.

Public Act 99-0257/HB3497 requires CDB to submit quarterly reports to the Procurement Policy Board (“PPB”) on single prime projects bid in the previous three months with a total construction cost of $10 million or less. Additionally, the Capital Development Board is required to submit written notice to the PPB of its intent to use the single prime procurement delivery method for every fifth determination to use the method for a project under $10 million, until December 31, 2017. Each notice includes the reasons for using the single prime method on the project and an explanation of why the use of the method is in the best interest of the State. The PPB reviews and provides its decision within 7 business days of receipt of the notice from the Capital Development Board.

CDB’s current single prime authority sunsets December 31, 2020.

Previously, Public Act 97-0182/SB 1352, gave CDB the ability to use the single prime project delivery method on projects of $15 million or more when considered being in the best interest of the State. In addition to other requirements, the law required CDB to submit a written request to the PPB to use the single prime construction delivery method and post the request on CDB’s website. It also required CDB to submit an annual report to the Governor and General Assembly on single prime projects.


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